I finally got to editing!!! It feels great and I never realized how much I needed to do this for myself. Beside the results, of which I am happy for, I get to relive these moments. I feel like journeying. This photos bring me back to a place in my heart that needs to go and see the world, to adventure and most of all just take what life has to offer. I am pleased with this place in time, its just that place is calling me again...... South America?!?

A New Beginning

It has been sometime since I have posted any photography on here of any sorts. I have a huge back log of photographs that I have never gotten back to edit or clean up. Alas, this is a common theme for my life: back logs of thoughts, music, photographs, writings, and everything in between. With of course, that numbing sensation of the causality of life outside of my thoughts, or rather, what I perceive as my thoughts... I guess This is just a short digression of spirit and hopefully, after careful analysis, I will begin to produce fruitful thoughts, photographs and music. - J

The Santa Monica Mountains: Home for Winter

These are some of the photos I took while home during my winter break from The Evergreen State College. These places are dear to me and once I look at them bring me back immedateately to each of those moments. I am glad and greatfull that I was able to experience these places with these people! I am also happy that I got to take some photos of the climbing in the SMM!!

A Short Film

Three from the Mountains from devlin gandy on Vimeo.

I recently adventured home, Santa Monica Mountains(SMM) , for the holiday's. I met up with Devlin and we both decided that enough was enough and it was time to begin to document the arduous work we have done in developing the new bouldering of the SMM. I must put that Devlin is a true adventurer and has led to all the discoveries of these areas. I was able to join and help develop these boulders with him. We have an insatiable desire of exploration, of course that only quickly leads to many explorations into our local mountains. So in my opinion, it makes most sense that we both find our relationship fruitful! Joyous mountains how much I miss them on such wintery nights.