My life has been amazing lately, but subsequently I have put somethings ( my website, photography etc...) on the side. Hmm...Where should I start?? 

In about a months time, I shot and edited two short ads for Butora. The one above is of Nicole Pate using the Endeavor as well as the prototype crashpad. It feels really good to be able to finally push myself to produce art that I am proud of. 

The second of the two ads I shot. This is just a basic breakdown of the makeup of Butora's Endeavor!  There were challenges that I encountered shooting this which really was, at the time, avoidable but nonetheless every day is day to learn, and I definitely did. 

Sunset over the SMM 

Sunset over the SMM 

I am almost done with the first episode in my very own climbing film series. It will focus on climbing in the Santa Monica Mountains and the first location I filmed was the Tunnel boulders. A lot of people helped out already and I still have the entirety of the mountains to shoot!  The name still alludes me, but I have some working titles and have faith a name will arrive soon. 

I also just finished making a short film for Devlin for his presentation he is giving at the Telluride Film Festival... I don''t have many words to say about. I am sure that more will come of that! 

I almost forgot! I also helped film the SCS national climbing competition! I was the shoulder cam guy who got in everyones face as they came off the climbs. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life! 

Look out for a change in my website design! I'm playing with some new concepts so hopefully I will be able to change it up pretty soon! 

There is a philosophy I have been living by lately, which simply is, if life presents you an opportunity, only you can stop yourself from taking it and growing. It is scary but taking those steps build the foundations to your own future. In all things randomness exists, but finding the pattern and choosing to participate with it is up to you. That randomness snowballs and turns into everything you are and will be. This year will be a good one. I can feel it in my bones.