My life has been amazing lately, but subsequently I have put somethings ( my website, photography etc...) on the side. Hmm...Where should I start?? 

In about a months time, I shot and edited two short ads for Butora. The one above is of Nicole Pate using the Endeavor as well as the prototype crashpad. It feels really good to be able to finally push myself to produce art that I am proud of. 

The second of the two ads I shot. This is just a basic breakdown of the makeup of Butora's Endeavor!  There were challenges that I encountered shooting this which really was, at the time, avoidable but nonetheless every day is day to learn, and I definitely did. 

Sunset over the SMM 

Sunset over the SMM 

I am almost done with the first episode in my very own climbing film series. It will focus on climbing in the Santa Monica Mountains and the first location I filmed was the Tunnel boulders. A lot of people helped out already and I still have the entirety of the mountains to shoot!  The name still alludes me, but I have some working titles and have faith a name will arrive soon. 

I also just finished making a short film for Devlin for his presentation he is giving at the Telluride Film Festival... I don''t have many words to say about. I am sure that more will come of that! 

I almost forgot! I also helped film the SCS national climbing competition! I was the shoulder cam guy who got in everyones face as they came off the climbs. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life! 

Look out for a change in my website design! I'm playing with some new concepts so hopefully I will be able to change it up pretty soon! 

There is a philosophy I have been living by lately, which simply is, if life presents you an opportunity, only you can stop yourself from taking it and growing. It is scary but taking those steps build the foundations to your own future. In all things randomness exists, but finding the pattern and choosing to participate with it is up to you. That randomness snowballs and turns into everything you are and will be. This year will be a good one. I can feel it in my bones. 

Black Mountain and beyond!

Devlin Gandy on a no-fall  One Upon a Time V3 R/X  

Devlin Gandy on a no-fall One Upon a Time V3 R/X 

This past weekend a big lot of us went up to Black Mountain to work on projects, train, be outdoors and really just take advantage of the fact that we were actually able to get up there. I don't really have any projects up there right now, though I did work "The Visor" V6 and think that for now, that's what I will train for. 

Since my injury, it has been difficult to get my left hand back to 100% which in turns gives me a lack of confidence. That confidence is the root to having a strong head game which is essential if you want to attempt anything like the problem Devlin is pictured in above. 


Nicole Pate working  NRA V7 

Nicole Pate working  NRA V7 

My real intention on going up to Black Mountain was to photograph all of my friends climbing their respective projects. Some times when you try new problems, or are getting used to the thin mountain air, you have create new perspectives on how to move your body. Training can only bring so much to novel situations and then you step beyond what you believe you can do.   

Amy Weed Sticking the first crux on  Pinchapotamous  V8 

Amy Weed Sticking the first crux on Pinchapotamous V8 

And sometimes when we go to that place beyond any thought, you succeed or fail and thus grow from our experiences. 

Amy Weed getting to the lip on NRA V7

Amy Weed getting to the lip on NRA V7

I become the spectator to these moments within myself as well in others and learn from both mine and their mistakes. That is the world of climbing, for with the endless spraying of beta and the "perfect" workout routine we try to perfect ourselves so that when we come outdoors we can enjoy climbing to its fullest.  

Devlin Gandy working on his project Ex-Patriot V11 

Devlin Gandy working on his project Ex-Patriot V11 

After a full day of exploring  the mountainsides and barely being able to breathe due to the altitude, we called it quits for the day and drove back to the SMM. It was a great day and can't wait for my next adventure up at Black Mountain. 

Portrait of Ryan Arch

Portrait of Ryan Arch

My Life in Flux

I am on the verge of leaving for Thailand. Literally as I type this I lay in bed not wanting to get up out of the comfort of a warmness and protection of the sheets. It is always important to get out of your head and traveling across the world to locations considered exotic is one sure way of doing that. 

 So here is the direction of my life for the last six months or so: filmed a mini documentary, graduate college, moved out of my home of three years to then live out of boxes and alien beds, coaches and floors, sparsely climbed due to finger injuries, Devlin came to Washington and we drove 1500 miles in three days, worked with Aaron Huey in Seattle, Drove to California, Flew to Boston and now out to Thailand. When in list form my life looks a lot cooler and maybe it is, i'll just need some more convincing.  


A New Year


This is the year. That time has come where all things pushed into our minds when we were young becomes the reality. This is the year I graduate college and hopefully find some meaning in my new life as an "adult". I never do know what to say or really think with regards to these posts, but here it goes: I'm getting surgery on the 14th, I've been in a weird lull with regards to photography, I am constantly have the drive to push myself to achieve greatness but recognize that it comes with the grace of time, I have some opportunities that will come to fruition this year that will completely change my life and last but not least, since my departure from this world, I made a music video, climbed with Morgan, Gabe and Alex in Joshua Tree, chased cave paintings on the solstice, found an amazing intrusion of limestone filled with incredible quartz, performed two shows, and have an album coming out in march...

So much new information coming in through various means of being. Photography editing skills, philosophical shifts. We'll see what comes from this but it can only be good. Thank you California. Your Pal


Lost Days

Here we go: These are collect of photos from the past, present and possibly the future. They include a trip to the museum, climbing in the wild and a desert portrait.


Coming Soon!

I have been active with my photography, this is the last stretch of my program, so with that, my photos will have to come after. Hopefully I will be able to get some new/oldies up soon! Stay tuned! For the sake of producing art, here are some writings I have been working on. (Special thanks to Angel and Luna for helping on the Apocalypse vs. Collapse paper)

Apocalypse vs. Collapse
There is a distinction to be made between an apocalypse and a collapse. Initially, there were frequent disagreements about whether the associations evoked by the word “apocalypse” might impede our progress. The strongest argument against the use of the word apocalypse is that it elicits a programmed response. It was argued that the countless depictions of social and environmental collapse have quietly indoctrinated to respond in a misguided/inappropriate response in the consumers of such media. “Apocalypse” is an entirely cultural ideal that is primarily based off an image that has been enculturated into media, in the situation of that countless movies depicting social or environmental catastrophe (see 2012 or insert zombie movie name here) or through the Abrahamic religions via the Bible and other texts (see the Book of Revelations or any giant flood myth). There is an evolutionary purpose for such cultural programs to exist, which is an entirely different argument and does not apply to the syntax of such words. One of the definitions (“apocalypse”) pertains to environmental factors, uncontrollable--a dictum descended from a higher power, and the instilled negative connotations enculturated into our society take us away from looking at what collapse is. A collapse can happen to any living/nonliving system, for it is only a degradation of its structure and thus its failure. This could look like an apocalypse, yet there is doubt that the trilobites of the Cambrian-Ordovician mass extinction looked around and claimed “apocalypse.” If we continue to use the word “apocalypse” rather than “collapse,” we will miss the mark, looking for the signs of the End of Days rather than the predicament of a collapsing system that looks nothing like a Hollywood Blockbuster film and more like environmental change, population shifts, constant warfare, and the degradation of the intertwined systems that makes up our entire society. Because of its extreme biases, the word “apocalypse” will cause people to give up, stirring imagery of an impending outbreak of a lethal plague or widespread cannibalism, it implies the End of Days, rather address the actuality of the impending event.

Peace At Twilight
My thoughts like a new story each time, unfold in ways allowing me to read into to them as if I have no clue to the plot arch, yet as I have grown older those plots seem redundant and I begin to pick apart the nuances of my archetypal existence. I’ve found the specific memes of an emotional landscape equivalent to a mountainous expanse, filled with many valleys and deserts surrounding them protecting the beauty from ever escaping. Some times it hurts to see what you know is others thoughts and their stories, their landscapes. Being so adept at traversing across the most difficult emotional landscapes, that is my own; I’ve found I walk through emotions with ease and a way that connects me immediately to the perceiver of those feelings. I believe it to be plague of insight, a crude adaptation for a species no longer living in their ancestral landscape. Its just noise at this point yet it is then easy for me to see what people think, what they feel, and most importantly judge how they will act in the future. It can be misleading and filled with dynamic shifts constantly fluxing within the moment, which of course causes me to slip and fall, but each failed experiment is a new thought, a new story, thus my book grows and it is less and less I slip. But this is what puzzles me: Why is my perception tuned into others? I hear their voices speak through eyes filled pain, bewildered at the causality of day-to-day life. Where does this come from and why does it affect me in ways that there are only so few I can speak to?

As I look out into space I ponder if there are others out there who see the moon in the same way I see it right now. The small cadences of a pocketed earth-remnant orb floating precariously in the sky perfectly lit with shades of yellow and orange, always alone, never ceasing its rotation around earth. It is always an emotional experience looking upon that beauty as it waxes and wanes like the ebb and flow of an ocean tide. And it’s the waxing and waning of the emotional landscape that is the hallmark of our species and what I am constantly bombarded with in each moment. And so I think: are you out there? Can you see what I see? Hear what I hear? But most importantly can you hear me? Does my voice, these words, reach your ear in a way that the story I am telling reaches the dark recesses of you body, in ways just like when I hear everyone’s story? If I find you will I be able to tell if you actually can hear and see, for my expectations are higher than most and notably wrong. I fall into traps in my mind, places where the story itself has began to evolve and shift, just as any creature does as it reaches its sustainable capacity. In this system will I ever find a place to stay warm and dry, free from those stories, and my own evolution? Will you be there?

Break It Yourself

Busy Busy Busy Busy. It all seems so busy, but really the temporality of this life moves quickly in every which direction and only some of those directions bring really productivity. This productivity looks like passionate, loving work steeped in the essence of the moment it was created. Alas, my path has not been that as of late. I feel the storming coming.

A Lake Cushman Adventure

About 4 days ago, A group of us, Marc, Kyle, Megan and myself, went on an adventure up Mt. Rose at lake Cushman! It was incredible, very pristine, and we were almost the only people there. I love the feeling of being the only one at such a place. Its almost like it was fabricated just for your eyes, perfectly at the moment. Now i'm just rambling... Enjoy these photos!! -Joshua

Photoshop CS6!!

I am testing the Adobe Photoshop CS6 right now... Holy cow, its unreal how much more the whole editing process became both intuitive and complicated in one update. I will have to get this when it is released. Here are some re-edits using the new processor!! -Joshua